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Mia’s schoorage desk | Project 2011

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

schoorage is a word creation of School and Storage

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Since Mandý and I where trying to find a proper school for Mía Líf and I was thinking of giving her a special symbolic gift. A school desk, together-self-made.

She is enormously creative ever since she could hold a pen and therefore the really outgrowing pictures and handcrafts need more space (STORAGE). Nearly every evening (before going to bed is her most productive period;-) she invents terrific new things for human improvement.

Far to rarly I could help her to bring her ideas to reality. But she is clever and artful enough to build most of the stuff on her own. Mía has been asking me for weeks to teach her to saw so this is a good time to start a new project. Also because I neither built a cradle for Mía NOR Hanna, and I am a learned carpenter I decided to at least build a desk for Mía.

I was scribbling a long time ago and thought of a wery usefull desk that i could build with construction-market-stuff. But today as I was browsing through my sketchbook I found this perfect image of a storage and a desktop. So I decided to build this one. It will take time. But we have enough of that anyway since Mía won’t start school until 2011. I am sure this will be a lot of fun for Mía and me. Of course the desk will be wery COLORFUL!