May 13 ,08
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fatfoogoo – ingame commerce

fatfoogoo is a Real-Money Trading Platform for Game Goods and Services. When I worked for the fatfoogoo’s we created a platform to buy and sell in-game services or goods for the most recent Games like World of Warcraft and many more.

After I left they switched their business plan from b2c to b2b and offer the services they developed. The fatfoogoo’s are pretty successfull with it but it is a bity that the website is offline.


Build up from scratch
Powerfull online market
Userpages and Gamepages
Challenging Checkout Process
Targed-aimed Call 2 Action


Information design
Screen design




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  1. Susan Boyd says:

    I cannot say how much I like this MMO, playing it is just super great! It is not one game that is better than this game! dont you trust me me?! Check it yourself!

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